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Estacas-pranchas compostas

Estacas-pranchas compostas has been specially designed as an alternative to conventional Estacas-prancha de Aço. Project engineers have specified composite for use instead of steel due to its structural integrity.

Estacas-pranchas compostas does not degrade over time, making it a more environmentally sensitive solution. With a longer lifespan than conventional materials, heavyweight Estacas-pranchas compostas can present a huge opportunity to make project cost savings.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

A composite is a structural material, consisting of two or more constituents that are combined at a macroscopic level and are not soluble in each other. The polymer matrix is reinforced with fibers, usually glass, carbon aramid or basalt. Rarely, other fibers have been used.

FRP Composite Performance Properties

Used over the last decade in thousands of commercial and private projects, Estacas-pranchas compostas are the strongest and most durable synthetic piling products in the world. Affording reasonable upfront material costs, lower exposure to job site risks, lower maintenance upon installation, and a longer life-span that alternative materials, Estacas-pranchas compostas offer an environmentally sensitive solution.

• FRP is a non-corrosive, environmentally sensitive material
• Life-expectancy exceeds most other containment systems
• Strong, durable, and abrasion resistant
• Structural integrity similar to steel allowing for tie back systems
• Compatible with abnormal pH levels, and resistant to non-aqueous phase liquids and other corrosive chemicals
• Installation follows the same principles as Estacas-prancha de Aço

Easier handling and more economical shipping offers a pricing advantage over conventional steel sheet barrier methods.

With a high strength to low weight ratio, Estacas-pranchas compostas offers an alternative solution with no compromise.

FRP composite can be used in most applications, including in-situ cut-off walls, to prevent leachate from contaminating groundwater. Wolf Remediation Ltd promotes composite cut-off walls to deliver low permeability, longevity and cost efficiency. We install FRP Estacas-pranchas compostas using either hydrophilic or Viton sealant to achieve required wall permeability. Our patented Sure Seal Technology installation monitoring system can be included for quality assurance.

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